Protective & Auto Coating Supplies

Protective & Auto Coating Supplies

PACS Products & Services

Protective and Auto Coating Supplies (PACS) is a leading provider of quality paint products, paint consumables and equipment including OEM-quality protective coatings and refinish products for fleet cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural equipment.

Coatings from PACS are available for nearly any industry and application, including light commercial vehicles, heavy-duty, tankers, trailers, commercial buses, freight and passenger rail cars, agricultural equipment, construction vehicles, marine and structural Steel.

PACS provide prompt reliable service with expert advice.


Protective Coatings

PACS provide quality Protective Coatings that are engineered to provide long-term corrosion protection in the harshest exposure environments. 



PACS are a leading distributor, specializing in the supply of a wide range of Automotive coating products from several major brands.


Commercial Fleet

Over the years PACS has gained an enviable reputation as a quality supplier of commercial paints.


Agricultural & Light Industrial Coatings

PACS strive to provide high quality, efficient and flexible products including a diverse range of industrial and commercial products.


Blasting  & Spray-painting Equipment

PACS currently stock a large range of blasting & spray painting equipment and accessories. PACS strive to support Australian made products and are proud to be able to supply Australian Made Blast Equipment and Blasting Consumables.



PACS currently stock a large range of Consumables for all Industries.

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Our Specialization

PACS is more than just a quality paint products supplier. We are a one stop shop supplier able to meet the changing paint consumables and equipment needs of our customers. We also offer Fleet Management Solution and Onsite Training and Support.Provide the Best Service in Industry

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